retail clinics

Improve your practice: Facilitate patient accessA major dilemma for patients is simply how to access good care that is both convenient and affordable. To thrive in these challenging times, practices should consider all options to facilitate patient access. If you have an open mind, you may even consider changing your “traditional” practice to one that provides “direct primary care.”
Do retail clinics decrease emergency room visits?Retail clinics emerge as a way to satisfy the growing demand for healthcare created by the newly insured under the ACA, but contrary to expectations, they do not appear to be leading to meaningful reductions in low-acuity ED visits.
Retail clinics are bad news for primary careRetail clinics, ABMS, MOC and quality metrics are the hot topics of Your Voice this month.
Doctors should cooperate, not compete, with retail clinics
Doctors should cooperate, not compete, with retail clinicsDespite concerns, primary care doctors see a role for clinics as partners in improving communication and care coordination.
Q&A: What managed care organizations can learn from retail clinicsBrad Fluegel, chief healthcare commercial market development officer at Walgreens, discusses what managed care organizations and healthcare executives can learn from the success of retail clinics.
How retail medicine lost its wayIf most patients are not going to exceed their deductible in a given year, they are now “consumers” and are looking for differentiators that offer fixed fee care.
Consumerism increases retail opportunities and access to coverage and care
Consumerism increases retail opportunities and access to coverage and careSpurred on by the Affordable Care Act, retailers, health plans and providers are staking strong retail positions that are increasing coverage opportunities and access to care.
Target follows Walmart into primary careFollowing Walmart’s entry earlier this year into primary care, Target is opening four new primary care clinics in Southern California in partnership with Kaiser Permanente.
Primary care gets a $20 million makeoverThe campaign will run advertisements nationwide, focusing on educating about the used of retail clinics and online services for primary care.
AAP opposes retail-based health clinicsThe American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) continues to oppose retail-based clinics (RBCs) as sources of primary care for infants, children, and adolescents, according to its most recent policy statement on the subject.