ReSure Sealant, Ocular Therapeutix

Securing grafts without suturesGlaucoma drainage devices aid in controlling IOP by redirecting aqueous from the anterior chamber to an external reservoir to regulate flow. They are typically used for patients who have failed previous surgeries or who have a high likelihood of failing procedures, such as trabeculectomy. While effective, they are traditionally anchored through the use of sutures, which is both time-intensive and may cause complications.
Ocular sealant helps ensure wound integrity in pediatric casesIn pediatric cataract surgery, use of an ocular sealant not only also helps prevent wound leakage but also provides extra protection against eye rubbing and wound manipulation.
In search of the sutureless closureStephen S. Lane, MD, describes his technique for using an ocular sealant, as well as cases where he finds it useful and superior to sutures.
Closing cataract incisions: Sealant superior to suturesA hydrogel sealant demonstrated significant superiority to suturing for sealing incisions that were leaking when tested immediately after small-incision phacoemulsification and toric IOL implantation.