respiratory care

Emergency airway managementSecuring a child’s airway in an emergency setting can be challenging, and success here is dictated by a mosaic of factors such as clinician experience, appropriate instrumentation, and, importantly, the many anatomical and physiological considerations that differ significantly from the adult population.
Risky antibiotic use threatens patientsA new study suggests that patients are willing to use antibiotics without contacting a doctor. Here’s how execs can curb this and avoid antibiotic resistance.
Physical activity decreases over time in COPD patientsA new study finds that patients with COPD experience a decrease in physical activity over time, leading to further physical decline.
Study: Checklist ticks off days from COPD hospital stays
Study: Checklist ticks off days from COPD hospital staysA new study shows the positive effects of patient care checklists on those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Pharmacy options for spring allergiesAlternatives for those who sneeze in the spring.