reimbursement codes

CMS grants reimbursement cods to RCMThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has granted reimbursement codes to reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM), a noninvasive tool for identifying benign lesions, which can spare patients from needing biopsies, as well as detect malignant lesions.
Keloid care and insurers – will they or won’t they pay?Insurers tend to think of keloids as a cosmetic issue so they have a wide range of standards covering reimbursement for care and treatments. Practitioners must fully document the medical necessity of the care they provide and then code the conditions and treatments correctly to maximize their chance for reimbursement.
Experts predict reimbursement changes for 2016What reimbursement changes can healthcare executives expect in 2016? Three experts weigh in.
Reimbursement hurdles associated with biosimilarsOptimism exists for biosimilars in the United States, but questions regarding FDA approval and reimbursement remain.
Post-implementation ICD-10 challengesBeyond the obvious training and work flow challenges associated with the ICD-10 transition, a whole host of challenges will arise as ICD-10 becomes the new reality.
CMS okays new payments for chronic care managementThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently instituted a billing code that finally reimburses providers separately for non-face-to-face services.
Modifier -59 modifications carry big reimbursement impactL. Neal Freeman, MD, MBA, takes a closer look at modifier -59, including some of the major concerns all physicians should be aware of, as it will affect claims.
Pharmacy reimbursement: Make the most of MTMEven without provider status, there's more to delivery of MTM services than some pharmacists may think. Here's a breakdown.
Significant Medicare coding errors signal need for physician education, OIG saysNearly 42% of Medicare claims for evaluation and management services are incorrectly coded, according to a recent report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General.
ICD-10 Countdown: How your practice can get ready
ICD-10 Countdown: How your practice can get readyThe new coding system is coming in October 2014. A lack of preparation could ultimately jeopardize your practice’s income.