Satisfying cosmetic safetyThe FDA has proposed regulating the cosmetic industry, says Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos in her monthly Dermatology Times column, "Cosmetic Conundrums." This month Dr. Draelos examines three key questions about cosmetic safety.
A Bigger Role for Pharmacists
A Bigger Role for PharmacistsFrom bioterror attacks to the opioid epidemic, pharmacists are in a great place to help.
Pediatrics in 2016: MeddlingGovernmental regulations, insurance companies and their requirements, and other hassles have made your jobs more difficult in 2016, according to our 4th annual Issues and Attitudes survey.
Changing FDA regs impact dermatologists, patientsRecent actions around drug compounding, sunscreen ingredient approvals, drugs and medical devices, cosmetic product marketing and more will affect your practice. Stay informed.
Superior pay for non-performance model threatens dermatology, societyThe economies of scale leading to superior pay are only realized in huge ACOs that cover large numbers of patients who are healthy or face entry barriers to the medical system. While treating dermatologic conditions improves patient quality of life perceptions, it does not lead to decreased healthcare utilization. The best approach for dermatology issues is to tell the patient their psoriasis is really very minor, not worth treating, and it is unnecessary to see a dermatologist.
Is a cash-based model right for you?Physicians often express a feeling of loss of control over their businesses even though they bear all the responsibility of a physician-owned practice. Many dermatologists have found a solution in adopting alternative practice models.
Supreme Court decision impacts price transparency effortsAs a result of a recent case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, advocates of healthcare transparency may need to adjust their data collection strategies.
What’s new in OIG’s work plan?Highlights include Medicaid specialty drug reimbursement, managing ICD-10 implementation
Cadillac Tax delay: What to do nowBefore it hits you, take time to consider effective benefit strategies
CMS proposes network adequacy rulesRule would expand standards health plans must meet to be certified as qualified health plans