Point spread function could replace phoroptersEarly reports are positive for point spread function technology, which is the latest in a long line of attempts to replace the phoropter for refraction.
Non-settling gel preparation delivers uniform dose without shakingLoteprednol etabonate 0.5% provides enhanced safety, efficacy, comfort for refractive surgery
Biomechanical changes greater after LASIKPRK less invasive; procedure more compatible in patients with suspected keratoconus
Dry eye not an absolute contraindication to LASIKLASIK can be an option after management to normalize ocular surface
Laser refractive surgery has no place in dry eyePre-existing dry eye should be identified and controlled before surgery is considered
Evidence does not justify CXL with LASIKUncertainty outweighs risks, benefits of simultaneous crosslinking to prevent postLASIK ectasia
IOL centration: Location, location, locationHow lens position, capsulotomy size/shape affect centration, visual outcomes
Better outcomes a day awayLaser refractive cataract surgery delivers improved results with easy learning curve
Intrastromal approach closes in on near visionBetter predictability needed, however; patients need to understand there may be compromises
How DMEK is changing corneal surgeryPartial-thickness corneal graft procedure feasible in most clinical settings