Improving the precision and consistency of scleral implant surgerySince scleral implant surgery for presbyopia correction was first introduced, numerous enhancements have standardized and simplified the procedure. In this article, Dr Cummings discusses binocular visual improvement outcomes observed with a new generation implant system, and explains which patients may benefit from the procedue.
Achieving balanced visionHere, Dr Verdoorn presents his experiences with the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay, which he has found to be a successful option for presbyopic patients.
Real-time intraoperative aberrometry enables better surgical outcomesA new sequentially shifting wavefront device for intraoperative aberrometry provides continuous feedback on refraction during cataract surgery.
Capsulotomy triggers prostaglandin release in FLACSAnterior capsulotomy triggers an increase of prostaglandins in the aqueous humour immediately after FLACS, according to researchers from Ruhr University Eye Hospital, Bochum, Germany.
2014 brought improvements in refractive accuracy with technologic evolutionsTaking a look at the improvements made this past year in refractive accuracy through several new technologic evolutions.
Advances in refractive accuracy gain traction through technologic evolutionsA look at how crosslinking applications, topography-guided ablations, along with the introduction of the Symfony lens, dominated refractive surgery this past year.
Effects of astigmatism greater on multifocals than monofocals IOLsThe effect of astigmatism varies with different factors and can affect patient satisfaction with multifocal or monofocal IOLs.
Refractive surgery screening devices valuable but not necessarily equalRefractive surgery screening devices do not provide results that are interchangeable.
Trifocal lens technology improves intermediate visionA diffractive trifocal IOL is novel technology that delivers good near, intermediate, and far vision and has other advantages.
Add-on sulcus-based IOL addresses ametropia post-cataract surgeryKenneth J. Rosenthal, MD, explains the advantages of an add-on sulcus-based IOL for correcting refractive errors in eyes that have undergone cataract surgery with in-the-bag IOL implantation.