Pharmacy Tech Brings U.S. Guidelines Overseas
Pharmacy Tech Brings U.S. Guidelines OverseasAir Force SSgt Mary Johnson was named the 2017 PTCB CPhT of the Year for her work.
Why aren’t ODs referring to each other?Know those optometric colleagues locally who have invested both time and money into the technologies and educated themselves on contemporary care algorithms.
How ODs can ease the pain of patient referralsNot all situations can be handled within one office, so sometimes it is necessary to refer patients elsewhere. Despite the logic behind them, referrals often come bundled with liabilities that can give any OD a headache.
Courteous to the coreManaging referrals successfully requires being honest with patients and equitable with peers, experts say.
Avoiding self-referral: Understanding the Stark lawsPhysicians today must understand a myriad of laws and regulations that govern not only how they practice medicine, but also how they bill and refer their patients for services both within and outside their own practice.
Referral process needs standardization, protocolsPrimary care physicians make millions of referrals to specialists each year, yet there is little protocol to follow and few tools to rely on when determining who will take their patient’s care to the next level.
Referrals and liability: What primary care physicians need to knowPrimary care physicians (PCPs) often refer patients to specialists when they face a complicated or perplexing diagnosis, or one that is beyond their purview. But is that always the right decision for the patient? Some experts say that it absolutely is, but others say knowing the patient is more valuable than being an expert in one specific area.
Juggling patient finances and caring for the sickWhere finances prevent a patient from receiving medical attention, physicians may be tempted to provide the required funds directly to the patient or by waiving the patient’s cost-sharing obligations.
Seven steps for managing transitions of careWhile it is easy to feel powerless during care transitions and difficult to influence the processes and handoffs taking place outside your practice’s walls, don’t despair: Here are seven steps to build a rigorous transition of care process that can make a difference in how your practice operates.
Doctor review websites are a growing factor for patients choosing providersMore patients are aware of websites that rate physicians, and they make a growing impact on which doctor they pick.