red eye

Fighting against glaucoma-therapy related ocular surface diseaseOcular surface disease (OSD) and dry eye disease (DED) are very common problems in the elderly, and they both considerably decrease vision-related quality of life.
Pearls for better diagnosis, treatment of red eyeOphthalmologists should consider various potential problems, including a number of systemic conditions and infections, when examining a rare or persistent red eye.
What’s your red eye protocol?Watch as two ODs explain their protocol for dealing with red eye in light of antibiotic resistance.
Embracing aesthetics in optometryThe aesthetics industry is a growing market and Derek Cunningham, OD, FAAO, and Walter Whitley, OD, MBA, FAAO, say it represents an opportunity for eyecare practitioners (ECPs) to become the leading experts in ocular aesthetics.
5 things you need to know: Urine in pools causes red eyesThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently told Women’s Health magazine that the reason some swimmers get red eyes after a dip in the pool isn’t the chlorine—it’s the urine in the water.
Ensuring patient success with contact lensesContact lenses are a large part of any general eye care practice. It is one source of great pride and satisfaction when a patient new to contact lenses first sees clearly without his spectacles, and we all enjoy seeing that epiphany. Yet, like with all experiences, the new soon wears off, and those patients who started out with the best of intentions regarding their contact lens wear and care can slip into some not-so-healthy habits.
Anterior segment imaging may have saved a lifeWith the advent of advanced anterior segment imaging, we as optometrists are tasked with the responsibility of going beyond knowing the basics of the eye’s anatomy.