Ranjith Ramasamy

Shock waves may change future of ED therapyIt’s hard to argue against an erectile dysfunction treatment that is potentially disease modifying, is noninvasive, and seems to do no harm. The treatment, low-intensity shock wave therapy, has yet to earn the FDA’s approval but is widely used in other countries. Early results from ongoing U.S. trials are promising.
Urologists illustrate key steps in management of duct obstruction
Varicocele: Treatment indications and repair techniquesThis article presents an overview of the pathophysiology of varicoceles and discusses indications for treatment, two primary repair techniques, and treatment outcomes.
T found beneficial in men 65 years and olderResults from a recently published set of coordinated trials indicate that raising testosterone concentrations offers moderate benefits in sexual function and some benefit on mood and depressive symptoms.
Sperm extraction: MicroTESE and multiphoton microscopyIn this video, the investigators demonstrate a promising technique using multiphoton microscopy to find tubules containing sperm during microsurgical testis sperm extraction.
Best of AUA 2015: PCa surveillance, surgical controversies create buzzUrology Times’ “Best of AUA 2015” report provides a guide to the meeting’s take-home messages in 15 therapeutic areas—an information-packed, condensed summary of the top papers and presentations.
Testosterone, clomiphene yield similar satisfactionSymptomatic hypogonadal men treated with clomiphene citrate (Clomid) or testosterone gels report similar satisfaction levels as age-matched men treated with testosterone injections, despite having significantly lower serum total testosterone levels, according to the findings of a recent retrospective study from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.
Estradiol boosts libido in men receiving testosteroneA new study suggests that the role estrogen plays in influencing male libido may be more significant than previously thought. The findings carry implications for a variety of clinical situations, ranging from the use of testosterone replacement to boost flagging libido and androgen therapies in men with prostate cancer.