Randall Olson, MD

How will ophthalmologists watch the eclipse?
How will ophthalmologists watch the eclipse?Ophthalmologists all know how to safely watch an eclipse, but how will ophthalmologists around the country be participating in and observing the event?
How will ophthalmology evolve in 2016?
How will ophthalmology evolve in 2016?Ophthalmology Times spoke with its Editorial Advisory Board members to get their thoughts on how the field of ophthalmology is growing, what advances they are highly anticipating, and what major hurdles ophthalmologists will face in 2016. A special thanks to Peter J. McDonnell, MD, Randall Olson, MD, Andrew G. Lee, MD, Sharon Fekrat, MD, and Robert K. Maloney, MD, for giving us a sneak peak at what the new year will bring.
Cataract surgery hot topics carry over into 2014 and beyond for physiciansInnovations in femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery and microinvasive glaucoma surgery continue to drive the momentum of cataract procedures into 2015.
U.S. surgeons anticipate new IOLsWith a wide array of IOL options available to their foreign colleagues, U.S. ophthalmologists eagerly await the approval and availability of additional lenses.