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Activists: drugmakers, distributors liable for opioids abuseSoon after President Donald Trump announced declared the opioid abuse crisis a “public health emergency," shareholder activist groups said they aim to hold drug manufacturers and distributors liable for their part in the crisis.
Measles Incidence in United States Remains, But Need to Vaccinate Stays HighMeasles is still very rare in the United States, but most cases involved either someone who was not vaccinated or whose status is unknown.
Fewer Women, Including Those Who Aren't Vaccinated, Are Getting HPVThe use of the HPV vaccine may be creating herd immunity, protecting unvaccinated women.
Five ways health executives can impact the opioid crisisConsider these five opportunities to help curb one of the biggest public health issues of the year.
First Zika test for blood donations wins nod from FDA
Is $485 million enough to end the opioid epidemic?
Is $485 million enough to end the opioid epidemic?The HHS is giving out greatly needed funds, but money alone may not be enough.
The poor will always be with us, and they want and need healthcareThe most vulnerable deserve care and coverage for preventative health services.
Study Finds Nearly Half a Million Deaths Prevented in the United States by VaccinesOver 55 years, 450,000 people stayed alive and 200 million people stayed well in the United States because of vaccines.
Gladwell: Health care is a mystery wrapped in a puzzleThe current state of health care in the U.S. is a blend of pathologies and policies
How to reduce vision impairment, promote eye healthThe American healthcare system is failing eye care