psoriasis drugs

Psoriasis drug approved with boxed warningA new drug to treat moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis carries a black box warning that suicidal ideas and behavior, including completed suicides, have occurred in patients during the drug’s clinical trials.
The oral pipeline for psoriasisOral options in the pipeline for psoriasis show promise.
Payers want more dataA pioneering summit between healthcare payers and groups pursuing standardized outcome measures in dermatology has revealed that payers want outcome measures that are published, universally accepted and practical both for clinicians and payers.
The implications in the future of biosimilarsThe FDA is evaluating biosimilar medications for use in the United States. The approval of these medications in the next few years could mean big changes for dermatologists and their psoriasis patients
How to mitigate apremilast’s gastrointestinal side effectsPatients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis who take apremilast can present uncomfortable side effects. How to address key concerns.
What looks promising in the pipeline for psoriasisAs research advances understanding of psoriasis, drug development evolves to address various pathways to disease. A number of possibilities, now in clinical trials, appear safe, effective and promising with improved long-term clearance rates.
New psoriasis therapies must demonstrate valuePsoriasis affects a small percentage of the population but price increases for drug treatments have outpaced the Consumer Price Index.