psoriasis comorbidities

Heart disease and mental health conditions more prevalent in psoriasisModerate-to-severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients are more likely than people without these conditions to have cardiovascular and mental comorbidities, as well as higher healthcare utilization and medical costs, primarily from pharmacy-related expenses, according to a recent retrospective study of U.S. Department of Defense patients.
Diabetes risk in psoriasis increases with disease severityIn severe psoriasis, every 10 percent increase in affected body surface area increases diabetes risk by 20 percent, researchers find.
The evolution of psoriasis from skin to heart diseaseMounting clinical evidence points to a need for tighter disease control in psoriasis patients, says Dr. Alexander Egeberg.
Herpes zoster rates stay steady with biologics in psoriasisStudy shows no significant difference in herpes zoster risk between psoriasis patients receiving systemic therapy and those not receiving systemic therapy.
Dermatologists collaborate on data-driven pediatric psoriasis researchA global community of physicians cooperated to share experiences with systemic drugs for pediatric psoriasis, and to get experience with a joint registry. A uniform dataset could be tapped to learn more about disease manifestations and treatment outcomes
Sulzberger lecturer provides in-depth look at psoriasis comorbiditiesIn his talk at AAD 2017, Joel M. Gelfand, MD, MSCE, discussed the findings from research investigating associations between psoriasis and comorbidities and their relevance for providing comprehensive medical care for patients with psoriasis.
Study negates lifestyle factor link in psoriasis, cardiovascular fitnessWhile patients with psoriasis have poorer cardiorespiratory fitness, a new study could find no connection between fitness level and psoriasis or frequency of exercise and disease severity. Where is the link?
Evidence-based guidance for psoriasis treatment
Evidence-based guidance for psoriasis treatmentNewer therapies to treat psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are more likely to be successful in patients with no prior exposure to biologics. Traditional therapies remain an option but, unlike newer treatments, require monitoring for toxicities.
MauiDerm 2015: Severe psoriasis may indicate systemic inflammationPsoriasis goes beyond a skin disease, dermatologists learned at the Maui Derm 2015 meeting this week. Physicians are becoming increasingly aware that severe cases of psoriasis are indications of dangerous systemic inflammation.
Skin presentations common in obese patientsSeveral skin presentations in obese patients are associated with the presence of excess skin while others are associated with the pathophysiology of obesity. Dermatologists should have a conversation about weight loss with obese patients.