prostate biopsy

Uro Pipeline: Supplemental application submitted for advanced RCC treatmentOther pipeline developments include an agent to control pain in IC/BPS patients, an antibody to treat prostate and bladder cancer, an injectable OAB treatment, and more.
Urology FDA approvals of 2016Urology-related FDA approvals from 2016 encompassed drugs and devices for prostate cancer, renal cell carcinoma, bladder cancer, stone disease, and more.
New Products: Test launched to improve prostate biopsy decision processOther new products discussed in this article include a surgical training model, devices designed to improve prostate biopsy accuracy, an updated label and more.
Low concordance with NCCN surveillance guide seenConcordance with National Cancer Comprehensive Network recommendations about follow-up during active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer is generally low across urology practices in Michigan, reported researchers from the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative at the AUA annual meeting in San Diego.
Prostate Ca: PSA drop, active surveillance are key themesFusion biopsy, salvage versus adjuvant radiation therapy, and superextended versus extended pelvic lymph node dissection are also covered in the take home messages on prostate cancer from the 2016 AUA annual meeting.
Number of pre-op prostate biopsies not linked to outcomesNumber of preoperative biopsies does not appear to have any clinically significant effect on self-reported urinary or erectile function outcomes at 1 year after radical prostatectomy, researchers say.
What’s your opinion on targeted biopsy for prostate cancer?“It is a positive thing, because the technology we’re using now is not really very accurate," one urologist told Urology Times.
Targeted prostate biopsy: Momentum grows, but questions remainUse of targeted magnetic resonance/ultrasound fusion biopsy (“targeted biopsy”) resulted in the diagnosis of significantly more high-risk prostate cancers and significantly fewer low-risk cancers compared with a standardized systematic biopsy technique, reported the authors of a new study from the National Cancer Institute.
Self-referral, live surgery raise ethical challengesIn this interview, Patrick H. McKenna, MD, former chairman of the AUA’s Judicial & Ethics Committee, discusses self-referral as well as the AUA expert witness program, conflicts of interest, and live surgical demonstrations.
How to code for prostate needle biopsyThe Painters clear up confusion surrounding coding for prostate needle biopsy, and also discuss split billing for urodynamics testing.