Probiotics may improve pediatric AD symptomsA daily capsule of a cocktail of probiotics may reduce both the severity symptoms in moderate atopic dermatitis and the need for topical corticosteroids to treat symptom flare ups in children.
Pediatric dermatology updatesIn this article, Drs. Lawrence Eichenfield and Jessica Sprague review some of the most significant findings and developments in pediatric dermatology from the last year beginning with the availability of biologic agents for pediatric psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.
Are skincare products with probiotics worth the hype?Evidence is mounting for the use of probiotics, prebiotics and microbial lysates in skincare. One expert examines the literature and shares observations.
Impact of probiotics on C diff-associated diarrhea (VIDEO)For Contemporary Pediatrics, Dr Bobby Lazzara explains key findings from a meta-analysis published in the International Journal of General Medicine. The analysis examined whether probiotics were effective at reducing or preventing Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea.
How cutaneous microbiome impacts skin diseaseThe elements, implications, and nuances of the cutaneous microbiome are driving factors in the development, spread, and treatment of skin diseases.
Probiotics for healthy skinProbiotics, which are helpful bacteria that protect the body from harmful bacteria, are literally everywhere. In light of increasing antibiotic resistance due to over- and misuse, coupled with patients’ preferences for more holistic, natural approaches to healing, are we entering an era of anti-antibiotics and pro-probiotics?
PODCAST: Gut checkAmong recent research on nonpharmacologic therapies for the often baffling sequelae accompanying autism, some of the most intriguing explores clues to its etiology. A.J. Russo, PhD, recently sat down exclusively with Contemporary Pediatrics to discuss his newly published study of how probiotics impact gut flora and biomarkers such as copper in children with autism—looking for their correlations with GI disease and behavioral symptom severity.
Alternative treatment options for acne
Alternative treatment options for acneIn addition to being one of the most prevalent and all-too-familiar skin conditions, acne is also one of the most common skin diseases for which patients have begun to seek alternative treatment therapies. learn more.
Complementary medicine used by one-third of adultsResults from a national survey show that one-third of American adults use complementary medicine practices or products, including yoga, fish oils, massage therapy and ginseng.
What's the latest research from SMFM's annual meeting?Contemporary OB/GYN provides information on the latest research from SMFM's annual Pregnancy Meeting.