Steps to SecurityTo keep patient information safe, experts recommend using cutting-edge hardware and software, personalizing the challenge for employees and reminding them of data-hygiene basics. An information technology partner that will manage your on-site systems and perform updates on a regular basis is as important as your insurance provider is to your practice.
Data breaches a near certaintyIn the event of a data breach physicians may have to inform HHS, law enforcement and the media, as well as any patients who may have been affected. Suspected breaches also should trigger calls to your IT staff, lawyer and insurer. An alarming number of violations have been the result of inappropriate use of social media by doctors or staff rather than hacking or aggressive data breaching.
Incidental Use and Disclosure of HIPAA InformationWhen a pharmacy learns of a HIPAA breach, it, and its business associates involved in the breach, are required to report the incident to the government. But not all violations are reportable and may not be considered a breach.
7 tips to protect patient data from visual hacking
7 tips to protect patient data from visual hackingWith a major hack of an insurance company’s database having made front-page news not long ago, it’s natural that many physicians think first about electronic data when they think about protecting patients’ private health information (PHI).
The three trends that will carry into next yearThe three trends that will carry into next year.
Video in the exam room: Should you allow patients to record visits?Experts discuss why this trend is coming, and what physicians can do to both protect themselves and meet their patients' needs.
Safeguarding your medical practice from HIPAA violationsYou may know about HIPAA, but what are you doing about it? Here's some insight and three key strategies to protect your practice from a violation.
PHRs, EHRs raise privacy issues for teens, parentsPersonal health records and electronic health records don’t meet the privacy and confidentiality needs of adolescents and their parents and will require significant changes to do so. consumer data going to private firms
Can my text to a parent lead to a HIPAA violation?Texting has become so popular because it is instantaneous, convenient and direct. Without appropriate safeguards, though, texting can lead to violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).