preterm birth rate

Do vitamin D levels affect ART outcomes?A recently published meta-analysis has found a relationship between a woman’s vitamin D levels and the success rate of assisted reproduction therapy (ART). Plus: Is progesterone effective in preventing preterm birth? Also: Results of a large cohort study show that women whose BMI is below or above normal before pregnancy may be at increased risk of complications or death associated with birth.
Preterm birth: progress and prospectsSteady declines in preterm birth are good news but there are more newborn lives to save.
March of Dimes report: US preterm birth rate at 17-year lowThe 7th annual March of Dimes Premature Birth Report Card shows that in 2013, the preterm birth rate fell to its lowest in 17 years—11.5%--meeting Healthy People 2020 goals. That number, however, still earns a “C” grade from the organization, which has set a goal of 9.6% of all live births by 2020.