prescription errors

Revisit the “5 Rights” to avoid medication errorsI highly recommend reading his article, and then reflecting on your current office- and hospital-based practices surrounding prescribing medications for children to determine areas to apply these best practice initiatives in your personal work settings.
The Case for Indications on PrescriptionsPutting indications on all prescriptions may reduce errors.
EHRs found to reduce prescribing problems in patients with diabetesPrimary care physicians often complain that the benefits of using electronic health record (EHR) systems are outweighed by the costs of implementing the technology and meeting government meaningful use (MU) standards. But a new study suggests that in at least one area—reducing adverse drug events—EHRs are having an impact.
E-Prescribing: The end of prescription errors? HardlyElectronic prescribing was supposed to be the savior of pharmacy. Things haven’t quite worked out that way.
Electronic prescriptions: Return to senderE-prescribing was supposed to reduce prescription errors by eliminating the problem of illegible Rxs. The result? Nowadays prescriptions are easier to read — and just as full of errors.