pregnancy complications

Using medications in pregnant glaucoma patientsMost of the medications, both new and old, we prescribe for glaucoma are quite safe—especially if we educate our patients to occlude their puncta.
Endometriosis may be tied to pregnancy complicationsResearchers in Japan have found that endometriosis ups risks of certain complications.
Optimal approaches to fibroid managementFibroids are extremely common in women of reproductive age. One large study reported that 70% of Caucasian and 80% of African-American women had at least one ultrasound- or pathology-confirmed fibroid by the end of their reproductive years. While many of these women experience no negative effects of fibroids on their reproductive function, a significant number are at increased risk of infertility, miscarriage, or poor obstetric outcomes.
Large study of maternal alloimmunization yields a surpriseRelative risk of stillbirth and preterm birth associated with less well-known antibodies was of similar magnitude to that found for anti-D.
Lessons of severe maternal morbidityA better understanding of the care and outcomes of women with severe morbidity who survive should provide insight into ways to improve care for all women and reduce both severe morbidity and mortality.
Zika: A report from the front linesIn Florida, the public is worried and the news keeps getting worse.
Zika infection in pregnancy
Zika infection in pregnancyPregnant women are worried, and their concern is warranted. Here is what we know now and what’s being done about this health crisis.
Is routine anti-D prophylactic needed?Antenatal anti-D immunoglobulin helps reduce the incidence of RhD alloimmunization in Rh-negative women, but should it be administered to non-sensitized women prophylactically?
IV drug abuse linked to alloimmunizationA study found that IV drug abusing pregnant women had a two-fold higher relative risk of alloimmunization.
Targeted anti-RhD prophylaxis finds favor in CanadaResearch supports moving from routine antenatal anti-Rhesus D (RhD) prophylaxis in unsensitized RhD-negative pregnant women to a targeted approach.