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Aspirin to prevent preeclampsia: When to start and how much to give?Aspirin had been used as a way to cure preeclampsia, but then evidence-based studies clouded whether it actually helped. Two recent trials have provided encouraging data on use of low-dose aspirin in treating preeclampsia.
Postpartum depression on the declineA study examines whether postpartum depression is on the decline. Plus: Are women who develop preeclampsia at greater risk of cardiovascular disease than those who didn't? Also, a look at the impact of severe nutrition deficiency in pregnancy on the development of mental health disorders in offspring.
Antidepressant use during pregnancy: 5 things to remember
Antidepressant use during pregnancy: 5 things to rememberPregnant women who use antidepressants to manage depression should talk with their doctors for a personalized recommendation on how the antidepressants may affect the pregnancy.
Surprising rate of opioid use seen among pregnant womenMore than 14% of pregnant women were prescribed opioids for pain at some time during their pregnancy, according to a study published online in Anesthesiology. Given the surprising rate these medications were prescribed to pregnant women, more research is needed to assess the risk of opioids to unborn babies, the study suggests.
Placental pathology: Is it time to get serious?Opinions differ on the value of sending placentas for pathology examinations. The author calls for standardizing when, why, and how this occurs.
Alcohol consumption doesn't lead to pregnancy complicationsExpectant mothers might not need to worry about a glass of wine, according to new research published in Obstetrics & Gynecology.