Preeya K. Gupta, MD

Tear osmolarity: Dry eye's 'vital sign'Hyperosmolarity emerges as key mechanism in TFOS DEWS II pathophysiology report
Portable device offers rapid high-definition meibomian gland imaging
Portable device offers rapid high-definition meibomian gland imagingA new compact, portable device for rapid, high-definition meibomian gland imaging (LipiScan, TearScience) is an efficient screening tool for patients with complaints of dry eye and/or candidates for surgical procedures in which pre-existing dry eye could affect outcomes.
Novel device provides new look at meibomian glandsA new device provides dynamic images of the meibomian glands and allows ophthalmologists to assess meibomian gland health and function from a new perspective.
Lid hygiene kit designed for management of lid margin diseasesThe Cliradex Complete Advanced Lid Hygiene Kit is a new product that may help manage symptoms of lid margin diseases. The kit’s Cliradex Advance Care gel—whose main component is 4-Terpineol—has a miticidal effect and cleansing properties that can help improve ocular health.