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8 tips for avoiding employee handbook crises
8 tips for avoiding employee handbook crisesCan your employee handbook get you in trouble?
Don’t worry, your kids will make excellent physiciansMuch has been written about whether physicians in practice would recommend that their children pursue a career in medicine. The 87th Annual Physician Report by Medical Economics shows only 40% would.
Primary care best equipped to improve patient behaviorsA troubling new study about the “unhealthy behaviors” of millions of Americans documented a reality that has increasingly become all too familiar to me and the 209,000 other primary care physicians in the United States—more than 25 million adults have at least three behaviors that inevitably lead to poor health.
Is a cash-based model right for you?Physicians often express a feeling of loss of control over their businesses even though they bear all the responsibility of a physician-owned practice. Many dermatologists have found a solution in adopting alternative practice models.
Telemedicine empowers patients, but challenges physicians
Telemedicine empowers patients, but challenges physiciansThe rapid expansion and evolution of telemedicine in the U.S. brings with it increased access at lower costs for patients and growing competition for physicians from providers with regional, national and international reputations.
Premium Content Preview | The Four Types of PayersTSI recognizes that every situation and every client requires and deserves a unique solution to their individual problems. We don’t treat clients as one-size-fits-all, so why would we treat payers any differently? In “The Four Types of Payers”, we explore what defines each type of payer and what motivates them to pay, determining what approaches work best for each situation.
Tips for preparing your practice to survive the millennial patient
Tips for preparing your practice to survive the millennial patientMillennials will continue to impact the operation of physician practices as they age with different expectations than the baby boomer group. The survival of your practice is predicated on whether you can adapt to this new patient group with new expectations derived from the digital age we are experiencing.
Make pediatric practice great again!I began the January 2016 Peds v2.0 article “Expediting medical documentation” by stating that my “theme” for this year’s articles is the “retaking” of pediatric practice for ourselves and our patients. I continue this discussion by borrowing a slogan from one of our presidential candidates, in the hopes that pediatricians can be motivated to implement needed reforms that will make practices more efficient, improve the care we provide to patients, and enhance the lives of pediatric providers.
5 ways to protect yourself from defensive medicineTips for shielding yourself from defensive medicine.
How to reduce readmissionsImproving collaboration between physicians and hospitals.