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Time management tips to enhance physician-patient relationships10 proven strategies to improve communication.
Practical solutions to combat high-deductible headachesThere are answers to dealing with patient problems while protecting the bottom line.
How to combat stress in your lifeI am sure we are all familiar with stress because I do not think you can become an OD without dealing with a large amount of it. In case you are not aware, stress is good in short doses. But large daily doses over years is bad.
Help! My team is falling apart
Help! My team is falling apartEver feel like you were on a sinking ship? Sometimes you want to be the one to jump off!
Five Affordable Habits of the WealthyFinancial advisors to more than 1,000 physicians, two experts go over the top-five wealth management habits they've noticed in their more affluent clients.
What I learned from turning over my office staffOur blogger shares what happened when she turned over her entire full-time staff at her practice and shares some key takeaways.
Does your practice have a hive mentality?You’ve probably heard the term “hive mentality” before. Many times its meaning does not carry a positive connotation.
Top 10 staff horror stories
Top 10 staff horror storiesIn honor of Halloween, you’re getting an updated batch of staff horror stories.
Scary good tips to celebrate Halloween at the office
Scary good tips to celebrate Halloween at the officeHere are a couple of tips our practice uses to celebrate the Halloween fun safely and successfully.
Could there be a dress code for ODs?
Could there be a dress code for ODs?Dress for success. We’ve heard this tired old cliché for years. Most offices have a written dress code for staff, but does that dress code also apply to the doctors?