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3 reasons why you should love Warby ParkerWarby Parker may be optometry’s public enemy number one, but David Friedfeld, owner of ClearVision Optical, says optometrists could learn a lot from the company’s booming success.
What a millennial OD can bring to your practiceEverybody’s talking about millennials. They’re self-obsessed and entitled. They’re useless without their smartphones and social media. They’re debt-laden and broke. They’re lazy. They often have roommates, and they call them “Mom” and “Dad.” Wow, millennials are the worst. So—are you ready to hire one?
What the Essilor-Vision Source deal means for youEssilor recently announced it had acquired independent optometric service alliance Vision Source, raising questions about the future for thousands of Vision Source members and Essilor customers across the country.
How our office is preparing for ICD-10Over the past few years, we have seen rapid change in health care and specifically in eye care. Unfortunately, changes are often slower than the demand or need, and we often have mediocre results at best.
5 ways to improve in-office purchasingYour patients are conditioned to believe that if they take their Rx and just buy it online, they are going to get the best deal. That may have been a partial truth in the past, but today, you are often times able to offer your patients the best deal.
Creating culturally competent patient careHaving an understanding of cultural norms can help identify and mitigate many of the cultural barriers that negatively impact quality and perpetuate disparities in health and health care, especially among racial and ethnic populations who frequently are at increased risk for certain ocular morbidities like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.
4 ways to improve vendor relationshipsDeveloping and fostering positive relationships with colleagues is instrumental to an optometry practice’s success. However, relationship building should extend not only to internal but also to external colleagues.
How to simplify in the optometry practiceRunning an eyecare practice can be complicated.
Got hiring headaches? A new job site can help
Got hiring headaches? A new job site can helpA new service wants to bring the staffing and hiring best practices from some of the most successful companies in the world to eye care.
Premium customer service takes your practice from good to greatWhat does it mean to have a premium practice? What does premium customer service deliver? These are common questions posed to medical practices and businesses as they seek out advice on how to thrive in today’s ever-competitive environment.