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How I prosecuted an embezzling employeeI discovered that an employee had been dispensing glasses to her family without collecting payment for the materials. After studying the relevant charts, I was certain that the activity was deliberately hidden from me.
Defining success: Is more better?“Typically, (Roellinger) listens to the sound of the bread, not the cash register. It’s because he’s a ferocious advocate for the glory of tiny, individually owned and operated producers. The idea that one should—no, must—keep it small.”
5 tips for planning a successful event at your practicePromotional events are designed to create some sort of focused attention on you and your practice. There are a wide variety of events that can help solidify the brand you are building for your practice.
When cost dictates treatment, the patient losesI think that most of us would agree that new technologies generally mean better patient outcomes. But those outcomes always come with an added cost.
Tips for establishing a sports vision practiceFred Edmunds, OD, FAAO, says there’s no one right way to provide sports vision services.
Top 5 ways you break the law in your practice
Top 5 ways you break the law in your practiceOne of the first lessons doctors learn once they actually get into practice is that we are all in business. The business aspect of optometric practice is comprised of multiple layers and elements that are challenging at best.
ICD-10 diaries: The first days of implementationAs the ICD-10 implementation deadline approached, we asked several practitioners to document their experience leading up to and the days after implementation.
Recovering from a fire in the optometry practiceDisaster struck on a recent Sunday evening. A tree branch fell on some power lines just above the practice, and the live wires fell onto the building, starting the blaze. I arrived on scene as the firefighters were putting out the blaze.
Fill-in ODs: Practice problem or solutionYou want to take some time off from your practice, maybe a day or two here and there, maybe for an extended leave, and you want to hire a temporary worker (also known as a fill-in doctor, relief doctor, or locum tenens). The relationship with a locum can be rewarding or frustrating. You have the power to make it successful, but it does take some preparation and planning.
Google’s 10 tips to perfect your practice websiteIn the digital age, having a website can mean the difference between failure and success, but having a website means little if a practice's target audience doesn't see it