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Managing an office and optical moveThere’s nothing more exciting than working in an office that continues to grow and expand. Recently, our practice has taken a gigantic step and purchased a brand-new, state-of-the-art office that allowed us to merge our two offices into one, larger space.
3 tips to use LinkedIn to advance your career
3 tips to use LinkedIn to advance your careerAfter many years as the sole optometrist in a busy ophthalmology practice, I found myself feeling isolated. I had excelled in my career managing many complicated ocular disease cases and making a difference in the lives of the patients whom I served; however, I was lacking the collaboration with my peers I had experienced during my residency and years in school.
Sports vision for the real worldWith a change of perspective, any optometrist can add sports vision to his practice.
7 things you can do this week to be more productive
7 things you can do this week to be more productiveJerry Hayes, OD, shared the secrets of high-producing optometrists during a session at SECO.
What you need to know before selling nutraceuticalsMany of your patients are interested in maintaining or improving their vision, but they may walk into your office with wrong information.
Is Meaningful Use still meaningful?If you have not been reading industry social media sites lately, you missed a big announcement from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to end Meaningful Use.
7 things ODs can learn from Super Bowl
7 things ODs can learn from Super BowlSuper Bowl 50 is in the books, and the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning are the Super Bowl champions! What a storybook ending for Manning and the Broncos. Not all of our practices will ride off into the sunset with a world championship, but there are many lessons we can learn from the Super Bowl.
Managing your employees’ social media use
Managing your employees’ social media useIs your staff addicted to social media? Some of them are indeed social media junkies, as polls show the average American spends a quarter of his work day on sites such as Facebook.1 That means a 25 percent decrease in productivity. That means that in an average workweek, you a paying a staffer to socialize online for over a full day of work!
The underlying concern of online refractions
The underlying concern of online refractionsThere is no question that our profession is undergoing rapid change as well as significant challenges. As a profession, we are faced with the dual responsibility of protecting our patient and maintaining our proficiency. Both of these also fall under the legal jurisdiction of the State Board of Optometry in the states in which we are licensed. Some state boards have already acted, but most have not. One that has not is California.
7 Beatles songs for improving office culture
7 Beatles songs for improving office cultureThe time we’ve all been waiting is finally here—The Beatles are now streaming for free on all major music-streaming services (Spotify and Apple Play, to name a few). To celebrate their arrival, we’ve been listening nonstop to our favorites at the office. After days on repeat, I couldn’t help but notice how applicable many Beatles’ classics are to office life, especially as it pertains to culture.