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10 tips for reducing staff time on managed vision care plans
10 tips for reducing staff time on managed vision care plansHow can your office avoid spending a lot of staff time on patient vision care plan questions and better ensure that you get paid? We asked optometrists on ODs on Facebook and ODwire how they handle this common problem.
How your practice can learn from successful companies
How your practice can learn from successful companiesAn optometric practice is a business just like any other business where the same rules apply—revenues minus expenses equals profit. Too many times we borrow ideas from mediocre businesses, practices, and people.
How you can go green in the optometry practice
How you can go green in the optometry practiceA U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, founded Earth Day in 1970, and it has been celebrated annually since that time on April 22. In 1990, his efforts were revamped to include recycling efforts. This got me thinking—how am I addressing this in my office now, and what can I do better?
Debt management tips for ODsThe burden of student loan debt is one of the hottest topics in the optometric community. Catherine Dimon, CFP, of Morgan Stanley shared her advice for debt management for young optometrists at Vision Expo East.
How ODs fit into the future of online refractionExecutives from online refraction companies discussed their services during Vision Expo East. Opternative CEO Aaron Dallek; EyeNetra CTO Vitor Pamplona, PhD; and myVisionPOD Founder Hal Wilson shared information about their companies and answered questions from the audience about the future of online refraction.
How to make the most of the medical modelThe medical model can help make your practice more profitable and serve your patients better—a few changes to the way you practice can make a big difference, says Scot Morris, OD, FAAO, during a session at Vision Expo East.
5 ways to fire a patientAs owners and/or managers of small business, optometrists usually think of firing in terms of how and when to fire an employee or associate. However, there are times when it is necessary and prudent to fire a patient. This is one of the most difficult tasks we encounter, and it is actually very hard to do.
Does your practice have a culture of can’t?I hear a lot of talk about having a culture of service in the office. I know of some offices that are truly remarkable in their service culture. These offices have patterned themselves after Nordstrom, Ritz-Carlton, or other noted service culture mainstays.
Why it’s OK to be bossy
Why it’s OK to be bossyWhen I got out of school, I looked 15 years old. I had elderly patients leaving the practice so often, my employer actually framed my resume for people to read before they saw my face. I wore suits for the majority of my first 10 years in practice. I focused on children because they thought I was the babysitter.
The top 18 staff horror stories
The top 18 staff horror storiesWe often hear from ODs about their problems managing their staff, but once you read these staff horror stories, we bet your staffing headaches will look tame in comparison.