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5 reasons for a practice investigationAn increase in investigations primarily impacts surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists who serve as medical directors to medical spas outside of their own practices. This is what to know.
3 Tips to stay ahead of competitionThe supply of doctors willing to meet the demand of patients who want cosmetic procedures is growing — fast.
Is venture capital the future of dermatology?Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, discusses how a changing political and economic climate has transformed dermatology practices into attractive entities for venture capitalists and whether it's a good thing for the specialty.
4 tips to build a strong teamOne dermatologist discusses four tips to help practices foster strong relationships in order to run smoothly and efficiently.
Tips for buying or sellingOne expert offers tips for dermatologists considering buying other practices or selling the practices they own
Get to know your practicePerformance metrics are one way to take the guesswork out of physician group practice planning and decision making, according to one dermatologist.
Experts discuss the place for female rejuvenationSome dermatogists are proponents of adding female rejuvenation to practice. Others believe it’s not within the specialty’s domain.
Edge Systems changes name to The HydraFacial CompanyEdge Systems, known for its patented HydraFacial and Perk skincare technologies, has changed its name to The Hydrafacial Company, according to a company press release.
I didn't ask about natural substance use. Am I liable?Dr. Derm recently performed a fairly simple excision, discussed blood thinners, but failed to ask his patient about “natural” herbal intake. The patient did not take any prescription blood thinners, but did take high daily dosages of garlic and ginkgo. A lawsuit was brought against Dr. Derm. Can he really have liability for all the things people ingest these days?
Consolidation: What it looks like in dermatologyConsolidation is occurring throughout healthcare. An expert talks about what it means to practicing dermatologists.