practice management

Pros and cons of offering professional courtesyProfessional courtesy, waiving all or part of professional fees, now has become a field day for lawyers and third-party carriers—and an unwary trap for the well-intentioned doctor.
3 steps to success in clinical practiceSo, in optometry, with online refractions, online sales of eyeglasses and contact lenses, and in the face of reduced insurance reimbursements, is true practice autonomy attainable?
The false security of a full scheduleIt is not uncommon to hear people talk about the health of their practices by confidently stating how far they are “booked out.” How long it takes for a patient to get an appointment is often a statement of practice wellness.
Let's be social: Making Facebook connections workOne mistake ophthalmologists typically make with Facebook is to presume their practice websites and Facebook pages should contain similar information. Another misperception is that Facebook is a platform for the constant promotion of their specials, procedures, or new technologies in eye care.
From seller to buyer: Tips for a smooth transitionNeil Baum, MD, and Randy Bauman discuss their tips to making the transition from practice seller to buyer as seamless as possible to keep patient retention rates high.
5 steps to take after your practice suffers a data breach Perhaps you thought it would never happen to an office your size, or that you were protected, but it’s happened anyway.
The benefits of cleaning out your practice
The benefits of cleaning out your practiceToday, I donated the suit that I got married in. Yep, I took it to the secondhand store and walked away.
5 tips to keep your exams on track
5 tips to keep your exams on trackHave you ever sat in the exam room with a patient and felt like the exam had gotten away from you?
5 mistakes doctors make that can cause big problems
5 mistakes doctors make that can cause big problemsPoor cash controls are still one of the most common risks we discover during our consultations.
7 ways physicians can take control of uncompensated time
7 ways physicians can take control of uncompensated timePhysicians should focus on generating revenue, not putting in a longer workday, experts say