Poor housing is associated with asthma morbidityA new study found that the well-documented racial/ethnic disparities in asthma diagnosis and morbidity are diminished after accounting for material hardship.
The poor will always be with us, and they want and need healthcareThe most vulnerable deserve care and coverage for preventative health services.
A medical home far away from homePediatricians know that coordination and advocacy work. What happens, however, when we are faced with complex cases in conditions that are nontraditional and prohibitively difficult?
Gap between dual eligible and non-dual eligible members growingA significant and growing performance gap exists between dual eligible and non-dual eligible members that cannot be attributed to a health plan's quality of service, a new study by Inovalon has found.
Providing eye care in UkrainePatients were eager for their free eye care, and they crowded around the doors to our clinics, making entrance into the clinics a near impossible task; however, 2,693 patients were cared for in our five days of clinics.
Budget options will reshape healthcareChanges will impact Medicare, Medicaid, tax policy and the competitive landscape.
Scorecard shows location more critial than incomeCommonwealth Fund: Low-income families have advantages in top performing states
Are there racial disparities in infant mortality and prematurity?The epidemiology of racial disparity in prematurity and infant mortality is a complex problem, say the authors, and public health programs are part of the solution.