postLASIK ectasia

Epi-on CXL: Safe, effective option for treating thin corneasPatients with thin corneas as the result of keratoconus, ectasia following LASIK, or pellucid marginal degeneration can safely undergo epithelial-on collagen crosslinking with pulsed UV light and achieve visual benefits from the procedure.
Intrastromal corneal ring segment 355° arc length expands keratoconus optionsEarly experience with a new intrastromal corneal ring segment arc length appears to be a valuable addition to the keratoconus treatment armamentarium for one surgeon.
TG-PRK/CXL combination benefits eyes with postLASIK ectasiaTopography-guided PRK (TG-PRK) with simultaneous collagen crosslinking (CXL) shows promise as an effective treatment for patients who are highly symptomatic because of postLASIK ectasia.