Population Health Special Report

Population health empowers primary care as team leadersPrimary care doctors can select providers and healthcare entities to create care coordination teams designed to enhance population health management.
Engaging Patients through Population HealthTransforming primary care practices into hubs that support patient engagement is a prerequisite for better population health.
Population health and primary care: What to knowThere are four keys for small practices to pursue a successful population health management strategy, according to one physician.
How technology can assist with population healthTechnology is critical for physicians to scale population health initiatives at their practices.
EHRs hold population health management promiseEHRs can aid primary care doctors in better managing their patient populations, but challenges exist in optimizing the technology for this purpose.
How to make population health workExperts explore the operational requirements, from care coordination to patient engagement.
How to find the right tech tools for population managementElectronic health record systems were not designed for population health, but help is on the way.
Population health's impact on private practiceManaging populations presents challenges to small practices that require innovation and careful planning.
The population health challenge
The population health challengeFee-for-service medicine is on the way out. That may be hard to believe if most of your income still comes from such payments, which reward physicians for the volume of services they provide. But it’s clear that payers are increasingly emphasizing reimbursement methods that reward value, rather than volume—and that that transition is accelerating.
Experts see potential in population health management, but obstacles remainPopulation health management holds great potential for improving healthcare and lowering costs, but obstacles still need to be overcome is the takeaway from a panel of healthcare experts in a Google hangout videoconference.