physician writing contest

Time and agendaI have recognized a recurring theme among physicians. “Medicine is not what it used to be,” a colleague had once said.
Engaging patients to decrease costs and improve outcomes
How engaging patients improves health outcomesWhy the solution to the challenges of healthcare can be found in the exam room of a primary care physician
Lemons to lemonade: Why I remain in practiceA physician with decades of experience reveals how he maintains his enthusiasm for the medical profession
Physician writing contest: Finding solutions for physiciansMedical Economics wants to help physicians compete and win against the multitude of management challenges facing physicians in 2014. That’s why we are introducing a new contest asking physicians to share their stories, strategies, and approaches to fighting a myriad of management challenges.
Are physicians being forced to focus on data over patient care?Although numbers are vital to the practice of medicine, they can define a physician's life to the exclusion of everything else.