physician writing contest

How I learned to love my EHR and spend more time with patientsOne of my favorite consultants is an orthopedist. His reports consist of five lines or less.
Lunch is for losersTaking a customer service approach to practicing medicine means happier patients and physicians
Scrambling to make a meaningful connectionIt’s more difficult than ever to connect with patients. One physician explains why its worth the effort.
Time management tips to enhance physician-patient relationships10 proven strategies to improve communication.
2016 Physician Writing Contest WinnersMaking time for patients remains challenging for physicians, but peers offer solutions
How to stay engaged with patients—in spite of your EHRToday’s physicians are busier than ever tackling high-volume schedules, chasing quality metrics and interpreting scads of data flowing into the electronic health record (EHR) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
5 proactive strategies to make more time for patientsIf we believe that time spent with patients is the most important piece of our patient care, we must have the conviction and courage to do what is right and say no when we need to say no, whether it is to payers who don’t value our time, or government data collection mandates that take time away from our patients. In return, I ask my patients to appreciate our efforts to dedicate our time for them.
Time and agendaI have recognized a recurring theme among physicians. “Medicine is not what it used to be,” a colleague had once said.
Engaging patients to decrease costs and improve outcomes
How engaging patients improves health outcomesWhy the solution to the challenges of healthcare can be found in the exam room of a primary care physician