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Physicians overcoming gap between revenue, expensesOutside the media spotlight, many primary care practices face the basic challenge of staying afloat financially.
Drowning in paperworkWith quality metrics becoming more common and the quantity of forms and data reporting increasing, experts say physicians need to take steps to keep their paperwork to manageable levels.
Keeping payers, other third parties from interfering with patient carePrimary care physicians say they find their practices increasingly beset by outside interference that gets in the way of effective patient treatment.
How to boost physician productivity through use of extendersNurse practitioners, physician assistants and others can increase practice revenue by up to 20% if used properly
Why are women leaving medicine?The physician field remains largely male despite equality in medical school numbers
88th annual Physician Report results
88th annual Physician Report resultsThe 88th annual Medical Economics Physician Report illustrates the state of primary care today, providing information on physician income, productivity, malpractice costs and more.