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Millennials in medicine
Millennials in medicineThe millennials have arrived, and they are shaking up the workplace—including the practice of medicine.
Financing practice improvements the right wayPatients appreciate physician offices that look fresh and employ the latest technology, but these features can be expensive. For a physician in a solo or small-group practice, keeping up can mean taking on debt, and all the planning and tough decisions that entails.
Career decisions: Should you start, buy or join a practice?There are many ways to have a medical career. Choosing whether to take employment, buy a practice, or start from scratch involves assessing your personal and professional values, and the specific location you are targeting. The bottom line: Choose what will make you personally and professionally happy.
How to build a strategic business plan for your practice
How to build a strategic business plan for your practiceA well-structured strategic business planning process can help your practice in both the short and the long term