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Physician burnout

How building resilience may stall physician burnoutMindfulness can help physicians manage stress—and may be effective in thwarting burnout.
Long-term solutions for physician burnout
Long-term solutions for physician burnout. Physicans are more likely to commit suicide than a member of the general population and 73% of physicians would not recommend the profession to their children, according to a recent report.
Five leadership traits necessary for physician executivesHere is a list of critical concepts physician leaders must master—and instill in others—in order to thrive.
Top 13 highest-paying states for physiciansThe Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released the latest data on physicians’ average salaries across the country, and the results could not have been more diverse across the map.
Provider burnout hinders cancer care qualityA look at how burnout affects providers, their patients, and the centers that employ them.
Anger is fraying the doctor-patient relationshipAn exclusive physician poll shows practices face more patient anger, and the cause is largely financial anxiety.
Exclusive report: Physician income is actually improvingPrimary care physicians see their practices improve as they become more nimble in a fast-changing world
Reexamining the 80-hour medical resident workweek
Reexamining the 80-hour medical resident workweekWith the recent publication of the results of the FIRST (Flexibility in Duty Hour Requirements for Surgical Trainees) trial, residency duty hours are again in the news.
Find your work-life balanceRecommendations to get you thinking about how you can improve your work/life balance and guard against burnout. How to gain control.
Manage the complexity of practicing medicineGovernment mandates and payer demands have physicians more stretched than ever, but there are strategies to help alleviate the burden.