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How to Manage Medication Risks
How to Manage Medication RisksManaging the overall risk of medication therapy is more effective than simply managing drug-drug interactions.
Automation Drives New Role for Hospital Pharmacists
Automation Drives New Role for Hospital PharmacistsBy using automated medication inventory management, pharmacists are freed up to perform more patient focused care.
Startup Offers Deliveries and RemindersScriptDrop's delivery and medication reminder service may help reduce prescription abandonment and nonadherence.
Automated Dispensing Systems -- One High-Tech SolutionHealth system pharmacies that require large-scale deployment of automated dispensing cabinets are faced with multiple challenges. Here's one solution.
Pharmacy automation: Our silent partner in successWhen it comes to filling Rxs, automation technology improves both accuracy and efficiency, giving pharmacists more time for patient care and oversight of technological functions. It's a good thing.
A real-world solution to drug diversion in health systemsContinuous monitoring is what's needed. Fortunately, there's a platform for that.
Telepharmacy offers hospitals dramatic cost savings, reliable results
Telepharmacy offers hospitals dramatic cost savings, reliable results24/7/365 in-house pharmacist coverage can result in a scheduling nightmare and high expense for hospitals. Telepharmacy offers another way to go.
Community pharmacy and CMS Star ratingsAvailable technology can help pharmacies improve patient adherence, boost patient outcomes, and earn high CMS Star measures. Everybody wins.
Google Glass: Seeing is believingSome early adopters — well, beta testers — give us the lowdown on current and future applications of Google Glass in pharmacy.