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The Top 10 Wackiest Pharmacy Stories From the 70s: Part I
The Top 10 Wackiest Pharmacy Stories From the 70s: Part IFrom a 1970s column, “silly syndrome,” the best customer stories of the decade.
The red pen rules: How to prevent pharmacy errorAnxious new pharmacists get a shot in the arm from columnist Pete Kreckel, RPh.
Pharmacy’s Catch-22: Save a life — or save your livelihood?When a snap decision is called for, “What is our corporate loss-prevention policy?” can compete in an employee’s brain with “What is the best thing for the patient?”
Pharmacists and phone etiquetteSometimes it's not the demanding customers or condescending physicians, it's their own colleagues who drive pharmacists right up the wall.
Working together for the greater good: MD vs. RPhEvery bench pharmacist can tell this story. Every. Single. One.
You want fries with those meds? How ’bout some very fast surgery?"I want it and I want it NOW" is not always your best move. Especially with the pharmacist who is filling your Rx.
Drug Topics Voices 11-10-2015The pros and cons of unionizing.
Pharmacists' futures and the math behind unionizationTired of all those 12-hour days? If nothing else, a union will get you paid.
Should boards of pharmacy set hourly dispensing quotas?Remember the "POGO" comic strip? "We have met the enemy and he is us." According to Ken Baker, it's kind of like that.
“Pharmacists, lobby your legislators!” says BOP insiderIf you want improved working conditions in the pharmacy, you're gonna hafta help.