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Take a Cue from Your Queues!Queueing theory can help pharmacy managers control lines, wait times, and staffing issues.
Staffing Makes the DifferenceIt isn't the number of prescriptions that makes a good day in the pharmacy, it is the staffing.
The dilemma of Molly’s mom: Pharmacists, technicians respondIn some professions, eternal vigilance comes with the territory.
You want fries with those meds? How ’bout some very fast surgery?"I want it and I want it NOW" is not always your best move. Especially with the pharmacist who is filling your Rx.
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Pharmacy staffing levels can threaten patient livesChain stores often require pharmacists to dispense 300 or more prescriptions a day. That's 37.5 Rxs an hour in an 8-hour shift or 1.6 minutes per prescription. You can't even get a doc on the phone in that amount of time.
Pharmacists' futures and the math behind unionizationTired of all those 12-hour days? If nothing else, a union will get you paid.
Should boards of pharmacy set hourly dispensing quotas?Remember the "POGO" comic strip? "We have met the enemy and he is us." According to Ken Baker, it's kind of like that.
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