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Job Market Shifting for Pharmacy School Grads
Job Market Shifting for Pharmacy School GradsWhere are today's grads going (and why are there fewer of them)?
Residency Programs: Not Enough to Go Around
Residency Programs: Not Enough to Go AroundWhy are residency programs becoming harder to find?
The Future Isn’t So FuturisticA pharmacist looks back at what he was told in pharmacy school.
Cannabis for Credits
Cannabis for CreditsClinical rotation gives students unique view of medical cannabis industry.
Staff Burnout Rates Are High at Pharmacy SchoolsA study found that pharmacy practice faculty experience high rates of emotional exhaustion.
In My ViewAre pharmacy schools teaching about health?
Can this student with cerebral palsy thrive in pharmacy school?Last month, Kelli Sem was granted conditional acceptance into the pharmacy school at North Dakota State University (NDSU). Her acceptance has gained widespread attention because Sem, 23, has cerebral palsy, uses a motorized wheelchair, and most-likely will need an assistant to act as her hands to meet certain laboratory requirements.
A pharmacy student's guide to fourth-year excellenceYou're in the home stretch, and now's the time to go all out.
Too many pharmacy schools? One dean says noRecently, the Chapman University School of Pharmacy (CUSP) received its accreditation as the first pharmacy school in Orange County, CA. It will begin accepting students in September 2015 for an eight trimester accelerated doctor of pharmacy degree program. We asked CUSP’s Founding Dean Ronald P. Jordan, RPh, FAPhA, to address concerns of pharmacists that an abundance of pharmacy schools is producing a glut of pharmacists, higher industry unemployment, and will eventually drive down salaries.
Pharmacy education shifts the paradigm
Pharmacy education shifts the paradigmA pharmacy student shares his first semester.