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Considering Specialty Pharmacy? Make Your Move
Considering Specialty Pharmacy? Make Your MoveThere is a lot for growth in specialty pharmacy but chains and independent pharmacies should make their move soon if they want to enter this market. The window of opportunity is closing.
Finding Time to Counsel Patients: Make It the PriorityEvery community pharmacist has the long lines and phones ringing off the hook. But there are ways to find time o counsel patients even when it is busy.
A pharmacy pioneer of the 20th century bounds into the 21stWhile his peers play pinochle and shuffleboard, Fred Mayer brings endless energy and enthusiasm to the practice of pharmacy and public health.
How much of pharmacy theory is really based on science?If you're Dennis Miller, the answer is a dozen more questions, and some of them are doozies.
2015: The #YearOfTheRPhLet this be the year you do something for the cause.
Ten pharmacists, two generationsPharmacy has provided varied and fruitful careers along many different paths for 10 members of this family (so far). Who knows what new forms of practice the next generation might discover?
Pharmacy review: Metronidazole and adverse drug reactionsA summary of drug-drug interactions and adverse drug reactions connected with metronidazole, a drug widely used in medical and dental practices to counter anaerobic bacteria, amoebae, and parasitic infections.
The pharmacist's role in a changing healthcare landscape
The pharmacist's role in a changing healthcare landscapeWhether ACA thrives or bombs, the future is likely to bring upheaval that results in cost savings and improved delivery of healthcare services.
Drug Topics Voices, September 2014Letters, e-mails, posts, and tweets from the readers of Drug Topics magazine.
New products for pharmacists 09-10-2014New Rx, indications, generics, and OTC