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Telepharmacy: New Jobs, Expanded Opportunities
Telepharmacy: New Jobs, Expanded OpportunitiesTelepharmacy is more than just phoning it in. It could expand the number of jobs for pharmacists and their access to patients who are otherwise out of reach.
Signs of a weakening pharmacist job marketAn expert with 35 years' academic and professional experience calls it like he sees it.
Pharmacy automation: Our silent partner in successWhen it comes to filling Rxs, automation technology improves both accuracy and efficiency, giving pharmacists more time for patient care and oversight of technological functions. It's a good thing.
12 steps to a rewarding career in pharmacyHave a plan, know where you're going, do what it takes to get there. But if you want a rewarding career and a satisfying life, don't forget the bigger picture.
The changing face of pharmacy
The changing face of pharmacyAlong with shifting healthcare delivery and payment models, the practice of pharmacy shows many signs of transformation.
Job tips for pharmacy grads, 2015Looking for that first pharmacy job? Here are a few things to keep in mind.
Should pharmacists be entrepreneurial?The urge to amass wealth is a great motivator in the making and selling of commodities. But for delivery of healthcare services? Maybe not so much.