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Ten ways hospitals can manage rising drug costs
Ten ways hospitals can manage rising drug costsFluctuations in drug pricing and medication shortages are among the reasons for rising drug prices. Learn how you can protect your hospital’s bottom line.
First Do No HarmThe tools for improving quality are available to almost every pharmacist and pharmacy technician, whose job is to make the system work. But this may be the weakness in pharmacy’s march to quality.
Pharmacy dispensing and patient counselingPharmacists who lose touch with the core of their professional identities abandon much more than just activities and functions.
Higher costs of doctor-dispensed drugs draw state reform effortsDrugs dispensed by physicians are far more expensive than those dispensed by pharmacies. And there are other issues.
Fact File: New Part D rule changesGet caught up on CMS proposals for Part D networks, mail order and price negotiations
Pharmacist reality check: It's all relativeJim “Goose” Rawlings, a popular Drug Topics contributor, shares a little story from his student years that packs a big punch.