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The Drug Topics 2017 Pharmacist Salary Survey
The Drug Topics 2017 Pharmacist Salary SurveyAs pharmacist salaries rise, so do demands.
Would shorter pharmacist shifts reduce Rx errors?One state's pharmacy board is debating that issue.
Pharmacy’s Catch-22: Save a life — or save your livelihood?When a snap decision is called for, “What is our corporate loss-prevention policy?” can compete in an employee’s brain with “What is the best thing for the patient?”
The dilemma of Molly’s mom: Pharmacists, technicians respondIn some professions, eternal vigilance comes with the territory.
Pharmacists and cognitive dissonanceWhat do you do when you've got half a dozen warring paradigms inside your head?
Salaries see modest growth
Salaries see modest growthDrug Topics' 2015 Salary Survey finds that according to most respondents, pharmacy is still a rewarding profession.
You want fries with those meds? How ’bout some very fast surgery?"I want it and I want it NOW" is not always your best move. Especially with the pharmacist who is filling your Rx.