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The Drug Topics 2017 Pharmacist Salary Survey
The Drug Topics 2017 Pharmacist Salary SurveyAs pharmacist salaries rise, so do demands.
Minnesota Law May Help Prevent Pharmacy Errors
Minnesota Law May Help Prevent Pharmacy ErrorsLaw curbs pharmacist hours to prevent errors due to fatigue.
Pharmacy’s Catch-22: Save a life — or save your livelihood?When a snap decision is called for, “What is our corporate loss-prevention policy?” can compete in an employee’s brain with “What is the best thing for the patient?”
Pharmacists and cognitive dissonanceWhat do you do when you've got half a dozen warring paradigms inside your head?
What kinds of pharmacists get under your skin?Some pharmacists are annoying as all get-out. They may not know who they are. But you know — and so does Dennis Miller. Here's his list.
Pharmacy staffing levels can threaten patient livesChain stores often require pharmacists to dispense 300 or more prescriptions a day. That's 37.5 Rxs an hour in an 8-hour shift or 1.6 minutes per prescription. You can't even get a doc on the phone in that amount of time.
Is job satisfaction too much to ask? Part 2Could some pharmacists be the victims of their own misplaced expectations?
Should boards of pharmacy set hourly dispensing quotas?Remember the "POGO" comic strip? "We have met the enemy and he is us." According to Ken Baker, it's kind of like that.
Is job satisfaction too much to ask?As existential questions go, it's a big one for pharmacists. Here's Dennis Miller's answer.
“Pharmacists, lobby your legislators!” says BOP insiderIf you want improved working conditions in the pharmacy, you're gonna hafta help.