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Wellness Visits/Pharmacists: Perfect Together
Wellness Visits/Pharmacists: Perfect TogetherStudy finds that patients like wellness visits conducted by pharmacists.
Getting Reimbursed for Services Rendered: It’s no Magic TrickPharmacists use their expertise to help patients -- as well as insurance companies. But we do it for free!
How pharmacists can find jobs, get paid, and win provider statusIf nothing changes between now and 2018, we may see a 25% oversupply of pharmacists in the marketplace. Then again, we may not. What happens between now and then is, in large measure, up to us.
5 top ways to get paid for helping patients with med adherenceReimbursement for MTM services is still a challenge for many. An insurance executive offers some well-vetted tips.
Provider status is fine and dandy, but pharmacists need to get paidIn the pharmacist's hierarchy of needs, which comes first? Provider status? Or getting paid for the work you're doing right now?
Too many pharmacists? Pharmacy school glut? The debate rages onA pharmacy student and an industry professional offer two very different takes on the issues and what to do about them.
You want collaborative practice? Win provider statusWithout provider status, it can take years for a pharmacist to achieve a good relationship with a medical practice.
Pharmacist provider status gains traction
Pharmacist provider status gains tractionThe country is moving toward provider status. But direct reimbursement isn't here yet.