pharmacist provider status

Legislation Benefits Patients in Medically Underserved Communities
Legislation Benefits Patients in Medically Underserved CommunitiesPharmacists could become providers helping serve patients with limited healthcare access.
The Rodney Dangerfields of healthcareReally? Still? Why?
Get paid for clinical services: 7 tips for pharmacistsA pioneer in the battle to win medical provider status tells how its done.
Pharmacist as provider status gains tractionThe effort to secure provider status for pharmacists continues on a federal and state level, and it may be gaining more traction than ever.
Don’t like working for “The Man”? Do something about it!Confronted by overwhelming workplace challenges, pharmacists sometimes forget they have options. It's time to step outside the limits of habitual thinking and take a look around.
Provider pharmacists and union employeesIn this country, the practice of pharmacy is valued in two markedly different ways. Consequently, two different responses are necessary.
Washington insurers to recognize provider statusA groundbreaking bill passes in Washington state, CVS Health to buy Omnivore, FIP in Dusseldorf, and more.
For patient-focused attention, call a clinical pharmacistAdding pharmacists to the care team will result in better patient outcomes, lower payer costs, relief for physicians, and better use of pharmacists' skills and experience. It's a no-brainer.
Provider status is fine and dandy, but pharmacists need to get paidIn the pharmacist's hierarchy of needs, which comes first? Provider status? Or getting paid for the work you're doing right now?
Too many pharmacists? Pharmacy school glut? The debate rages onA pharmacy student and an industry professional offer two very different takes on the issues and what to do about them.