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Five Tips for Surviving a 12-Hour Pharmacy Shift
Five Tips for Surviving a 12-Hour Pharmacy ShiftIt's something every pharmacist knows well—the long shift. Here's how to make it a little more bearable.
The Rodney Dangerfields of healthcareReally? Still? Why?
What kinds of pharmacists get under your skin?Some pharmacists are annoying as all get-out. They may not know who they are. But you know — and so does Dennis Miller. Here's his list.
12 steps to a rewarding career in pharmacyHave a plan, know where you're going, do what it takes to get there. But if you want a rewarding career and a satisfying life, don't forget the bigger picture.
Seasoned hospital pharmacist seeks qualified manager, serious applicants onlyIf you don't know what you want in a manager, you're far more likely to end up unsatisfied. Better give it some thought.
Change will come when pharmacists take actionAs a group, pharmacists outnumber employers, academe, and the government. What becomes of the profession depends on us.
Pharmacy dispensing and patient counselingPharmacists who lose touch with the core of their professional identities abandon much more than just activities and functions.
Clinical detachment vs. personal touch in pharmacyPharmacists must walk a careful line in the practice of ambulatory care pharmacy. Here are some things to think about.
Warm fuzzies in the pharmacy: The importance of being well likedProfessional success is not just about doing your job well. It's also about how you interact with co-workers.
A doctor of pharmacy and proud of itDon't diss the title. Others will take you at your word.